About Us

I have a passion for learning and I learn everyday from each person I treat.

I take a holistic approach to treatment and that means finding out about lifestyle, habits and understanding how your body and mind relate to pain.  

I am always looking for the next book to read and course to go on I have my VTCT level 5 in Sports massage therapy booked in for August and other courses I am waiting on dates for. Being able to help people have a better quality of life is the most important part of what I do. 

Your mind plays a big part in how your body responds to pain, treatment and your recovery. It is also a field I really enjoy learning more about.

I treat all age ranges and for varying reasons. If you are not sure if Sports massage is for you then please get in touch.
It is important that you are getting what you need from treatment, progression is always a key focus and If there is something outside my scope of practice or I don’t feel you are making progress then we will reassess your treatment and I will refer on to a trusted associate. 

Meet Marie..

I started training as a sports massage therapist after suffering an extended period of pain and being on pain relief. After exploring a series of alternative options, I found that holistic therapies and strength training worked well and wanted to explore more.

Alongside raising my son and running a busy pub, I trained to become a therapist. I have been qualified in Sports massage since 2014.  I am constantly learning so I can provide the best service I can for the people I treat. I spent 3 years working in a physiotherapist clinic. After three years I  pulled on my big girl pants and decided to go it alone and started my own clinic in Ashby De la Zouch.

During my time as a therapist I have worked with different sports teams such as football, netball and running clubs and I have also provided treatments at the MMA European championships. This was as part of a group of therapists, sports events, pitchside settings, before focusing on clinic and corporate workplace settings. I have seen my fair share of injuries from a fractured skull and ruptured patella tendon on pitch to a compound fracture of the forearm on an afternoon walk (all 3 needing an ambulance rather than a massage!)

I am always looking to learn and develop more. I only take client work on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure there is still time for my family and also for personal and business development. I always want to be able to offer my clients the treatment they need to get back to what they want to do as quickly as possible but that requires looking after myself too. I am currently looking at bringing in other therapists around me so that there is the ability to offer clients more varied availability and a wealth of knowledge.