Clinic Based Sports massage Therapy

Working from our own clinic in Ashby de la Zouch, we work with you to understand your expectations and what you need giving you a way to take control and get you doing what you do as effectively as possible.

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Pain management.

We are always learning to expand and offer you the best treatments to manage your pain. We take time to fully understand your habits and lifestyle to ensure we provide the best treatment for you. Helping you understand the strong link between the body and mind in pain response. Working with people with acute pain, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraines to name a few.

Injury Management and rehabilitation.

The best way to manage injury is to give your body every opportunity to avoid it. Having regular maintenance treatment can help to provide you with a platform to do this along with guidance on exercise to help strengthen areas of weakness. In a sport setting pre and post event massage can help you to prepare and recover. Similarly if you find yourself picking up an injury then seeking help with early intervention can be beneficial to getting you back to doing what you love and maintaining that balance of physical and mental wellbeing.

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Stress relief.

In your daily life you come across many different stressors. Depending on what these may be can affect different areas of your body, creating aches and pains for no apparent reason. Massage can help to relieve the stress that you hold in your body. We can look at ways in which you can manage this, things that may be contributing to this and give you exercises to help relieve in the early stages.


Postural Assessment.

Looking at the bodies posture and understanding that everyone is different is important, sometimes muscle imbalances can create postural issues which can lead to pain, discomfort and mobility issues. Addressing these early on and not leaving for years is the best way to combat these. The same with any soft tissue issues. Using a combination of massage, strengthening and stretching techniques can help you make any pain, discomfort or mobility issues manageable.


Range of movement and flexibility.

Injury, sedentary jobs and restrictive daily tasks even the way we sleep can be a key factors in a reduction of range of movement and reduced flexibilty. Massage and other techniques can play a big part in helping to improve both range of movement and flexibility along with you incorporating exercises into your day and changing habits you will notice a considerable difference in your everyday tasks as well as ability to lift weights in the gym and run times if training. 



This can be incorporated into your treatment session and applied at the end. Or if its something you require pre event then we can fit you into a 15 minute slot. K Tape can be used to help support or offload muscles and joints. It can also be used in helping to reduce swelling. 

k taping