Corporate Wellbeing

We are able to provide our clinic based treatments at a clients workplace as a part of a half or full day service where the clients have a strong focus on health and wellbeing.

We work with you…

…to provide a bespoke package for your employees which can include stress or issue focused massage, Stretching and strengthening work, and if highlighted as an issue the addition of display screen equipment (DSE) assessments. The packages are designed to increase mobility, reduce workplace stress and ultimately increase productivity of your staff.

Providing a mobile solution to your corporate wellness.

We work with our corporate clients in the same way as our clinic based clients. We take the time to fully understand the needs of each business whether it is to provide a clinic to help people with any ongoing issues. 15 minute back and shoulder massages to manage stress or DSE assessments in the workplace or for home workers. 

This also filters down to the employees fully understanding their work requirements, lifestyle, any triggers which cause pain and look to provide the best treatment based on their needs.

We are able to provide a mobile service so all of the equipment we need to use will be bought to your premises ready to treat your staff. If we are providing massage or a clinic based service we require a private space and access to handwash facilities.

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Increasing the productivity of your staff

We can also provide a full DSE assessment service by attending your offices and providing you with a report and recommendations with reasonable adjustments. This will ensure you are able to remain compliant with Health and Safety regulations and have happy employees in their workspaces.

We are able to provide a complete on site service that will match the needs of you and your employees with the aim to increase mobility, reduce workplace stress and ultimately increase the productivity of your staff.

If you also have staff working at home we can provide a remote DSE assessment service to help ensure your staff are working in an environment which won’t cause them long term health issues.

After every assessment, the client and employee receive a copy of a report which gives recommendations, follow up advice and recommendations of stretches, strength work and frequency of breaks.